Camera resolution is the 4k camera, with 12 million pixels. We can shoot 4k 30pfs or 2k 60pfs videos.

Video resolution is 720p. 

Gimbal uses three axes.

Camera can turn freely, controllable pitch range is 90 degrees, controllable yaw range is -120 degree to 170 degree.

Camera have constant aperture.

Shutter speed amounts 8 to 1/8000 second.

PowerEgg camera supports up to 64GB micro SD card. Video storage max bit stream is 60 Mps.

It operates in 4 modes: 

  • single shoot
  • multiple bursts (3/5/10 pictures)
  • timed shooting (5/10/30 seconds)
  • auto bracketing (3/5/7 pictures)

We currently don’t support any other cameras.