Maestro Controller operates in E mode (Easy). However, you cannot use Maestro indoor.

Beginner can use Maestro with super easy mode to fly. 

User don’t need to pay attention to where the aircraft is facing, because if user push forward, aircraft is always flying away from you.

In order to operates PowerEgg with Maestro Controller please proceed with the following steps: 

Take off
1. Press the ascend button to let aircraft takeoff steadily.
2. Long press the takeoff/landing button of remote control until it vibrates, it will take off and hover.

Unlock the propellers

Short press of the ascend button followed by a long press of descend button to unlock the propellers.

1. Press the descend button and let the aircraft land steadily. After it’s landed keep pressing the descend button down for 2 seconds until the motors stop spinning.
2. Long press the takeoff/landing button until it vibrates, aircraft will deploy the landing gear and land.

Take picture/record video

Short press to take a photo. Long press to start shooting a vidoes, long press again to finish recording.