In order to use the standard controller to take off and land please proceed with the following steps: 

It’s recommended that new user choose N mode (Normal) to fly. Professionals can use P mode but it only provide the altitude maintenance.

Take off:
1. Slowly push the throttle joystick to let aircraft takeoff steadily.
2. Long press the takeoff/landing button of remote control until it vibrates, it will take off and hover.

Unlock the motors:

Move the left joystick to bottom right, move the right joystick to bottom left, and have the V shape to unlock the propellers.

To learn more, watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel: 

PowerEgg preparation

1. Slowly pull the throttle joystick and let the aircraft land steadily. After it’s landed keep the throttle down for 2 seconds until the motors stop spinning.
2. Long press the takeoff/landing button until it vibrates, aircraft will deploy the landing gear and land.