Charging takes around: 

  • 2,5h for the drone battery

  • 3,5h for Standard Controller
  • 2h for Maestro Controller
  • 5h for Base Station

PowerEgg has a charger that can charge the battery, standard controller, maestro and base station at the same time.

In an optimal situation, the drone will fly up to 23 min. 

Base Station can work for 2h whereas the Standard Controller battery allows to use it for 20h. 

It is recommended to start flying only when the battery is fully charged.

In order to check the battery level press the power-on button on the battery, and the indicators will light up. 

Each of them represents 25% of the battery. 

In case of the Standard Controller, turn on the battery switch, and the indicators will light up. 

Green means 30% and above; yellow means 10%-30%; red means below 10% and it is required to charge it immediately.

Proceed the very same way in order to check battery level on the Maestro Controller or Base Station.

PowerEgg battery material is a lithium-ion polymer. The battery maintenance should be done by:
1. Keeping the battery stored in a dry environment.
2: Using the battery correctly, do not do small discharge frequently. Do not overcharge it as it may be dangerous to your safety or harmful for the device.

When battery is lower than 30%, app will notify user to return to home. When it is lower than 10%, aircraft will land at the current spot.

In order to turn off the battery, unplug it from charging and it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes idle.