This article describes how to download videos and pictures from PowerRay drone SD internal card to your PC using the PowerView application.

Note: it is also possible to have the pictures and video downloaded using the smartphone application on both iOS and Android devices.

Please download the application PowerView from the link below: 

PowerView PC

PowerView for Mac OS (link: PowerView Mac

Install it on your local hard drive.

Connect to PowerRay WiFi from your computer. Default password is: 1234567890 and start the PowerView application. 

  •         Note: it is important to connect to PowerRay WiFi network -> PRA_Station_xxxxxx 

  • If PowerRay connection fail - click on the „Connect” button
  • Make sure you have „PowerRay Connected Successfully” message on your application.
  • Note: It is important that the PowerRay is not connected to any other device such as smartphone or tablet.

  • Click media library and select videos and/or photos.
  • Click „Export” button and select a folder

  • Enjoy.