Remember that you cannot rebind the PowerEgg if it is not activated!

In order to unbind and bind again the PowerEgg with the Base Station, follow the few steps as the process may looks difficult. 

It is recommended to study the tutorial first: 

Firstable, prepare your devices by turning on the PowerEgg. Using your mobile device conect with the Base Stations' Wifi. 

Enter "Vision+" App.

As you see regular notification "Device is connected", press the "Transmitter" button in the left upper corner. 

You will see the popping-up windows with instructions. 

Scroll it down and press "BASE STATION UNBIND". 

You will see another 2 warnings which should be "Confirmed".

Look at the picture attached. 

Now, you need to reset the aircraft to reconnect to the Base Station. 

Have in mind, that it must be performed with short break between!

Before you reset the PowerEgg watch the tutorial to be sure that you know how to perform it. 

If you turn off the drone or fail while resetting, you need to repeat whole procedure from the beggining.

Binding Tutorial:

PowerEgg Binding

To perform the reset press the power button on the top cover of the PowerEgg. 

Press and hold the button as long as the LED lights on the back arms change the colour from green to blue. 

Remember: from GREEN to BLUE.

When you see the blue lights drop the button for less then 1 sec. and press it again. 

This time, hold the button as long as the LED light change the colour again. 


Look at your "Vision+" App, the system is still preheating and the progress line is moving. 

It might take some time but be patient and do not touch the PowerEgg in the mean time!

Then, the PowerEgg is connecting! 

Once it is ready, PowerEgg will open its arms.

Lights on the Base Station stops flashing.

There will be a notification that "Device is connected" then you may pair it with your Base Station. 

Press the "Transmitter" button again. It is in left upper corner.

On the displayed list with instruction, choose "BASE STATION FREQUENCY"

Last one Tip appears, which should be "Continued".


Then all your setting are successfully saved. Excellent job!

Press the button "Start Flying". 

Close the window of self-testing and enjoy your flight!

In case of any failure in binding process, please reboot the PowerEgg and study the tutorial from the link below: 

PowerEgg Binding