Remote control system connection

Connect to remote control system

① Unfold base station holder

② Put base station on the holder, and open the antenna

③ Connect base station and remote control with cable

④ Long press the power button of base station and remote control for three seconds to power on

Please use indicated port to connection

If you need to use extra a second controller to control the gimbal, you need to do those following steps:

① After connecting one remote control to the base station, long press the frequency-matching button until you hear a notification sound, and it flashes a red light. Long press the second remote control’s frequency-matching button until it also makes a notification sound, and it’s light flashes red.
② After a few seconds the two remote controls will show green lights, Indicating a successful connection.

① Red/ green light flashes

Attention: every time that you reboot any remote controller, you need to
redo the frequency matching.

Turn on the Aircraft

The process of turning on the aircraft:

① Open the battery door and put the battery in the compartment.

② Short press and hold the battery switch of aircraft, until you see the LED light running to the end. Release the button to start the aircraft. The power button of aircraft will be lit and the battery indicator will represent the battery level.
③ Close the battery door.

Connection between base station and controller

When aircraft or base station is turned on, the internal communication module will automatically establish the connection. It usually takes about 50 seconds. When the status lights are all green the connection is established. When the remote control and base station have established a connection a notification sound will be heard.

Connection between base station and mobile device

After your mobile device has installed the Vision+ App, you’ll need to connect to the base stations via WiFi.

① Ensure the base station is powered on

Turn on the power switch

② Turn on the mobile device WiFi and search for “PowerEye_Station_XXXXX”
③ Connect to the WiFi network using password “1234567890” to join

④ Ensuring a successful connection, return to the Vision+ App