Powervision Oy assures the initial purchaser, there will be no materials and workmanship defects. The duration of the warranty is calculated from the date of purchase and is specified in WARRANTY PERIOD of PRODUCT PARTS.


Pick-up service is included within EU Region and a pre-paid carrier label with be sent after creation of the ticket on our Support Portal.

Powervision Oy does not guarantee that the operation of the product will not be interrupted or has no error. Powervision Oy shall not be responsible for any loss due to failure to comply with the relevant instructions for use of the product. This warranty does not cover all the product's built-in software and all services provided by Powervision Oy. To get details about the use of software and services, please refer to the license agreement and use terms supplied with the software and accepted during checkout in our Store.

If a hardware defect occurs during the warranty period, and Powervision Oy receives a valid claim, based on its own choice and within the scope of the law, Powervision Oy will: 

(1) use new or refurbished spare parts to repair the product free of charge;or 

(2) change a new or refurbished product .

If the product is defective and the above method is the only and exclusive remedy within the scope permitted by law, unless prohibited by applicable law , we may charge for shipping and handling fees. This warranty is valid only within the jurisdiction of Powervision Oy or through the sale of the product by its authorized distributor or agent, or within the scope permitted by the applicable law of such jurisdiction. The warranty period for any replacement of the hardware is the remaining period of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days, and the time will be subject to longer time, or any other time period for the jurisdiction.

In order to obtain warranty service, you must send the product to the address specified by Powervision Oy, and use the original packaging or provide the same degree of protection packaging. Under applicable law, Powervision Oy may require you to provide evidence of purchase details, and/or compliance with the registration requirements before obtaining a secured service. It is your responsibility to back up any data, software, or other material that you store or store with your product. Such data, software or other materials may be lost or formatted during maintenance, and Powervision Oy shall not be liable for any such damage or loss.

This limited warranty applies only to products that are made by Powervision Oy, authorized by Powervision Oy, and can be identified with the Powervision Oy trademark, trade name or logo. The limited warranty does not apply to any (a) non Powervision Oy products and services.

Products or product components that have any personal changes or adjustment made without Powervision Oy authorization (for example, change the function or capacity) , shall not apply to the terms of the guarantee. Products or parts inserted also do not apply to the warranty clause. In addition, the limited warranty does not apply to:

(a) damage caused when used together with non Powervision Oy products; 

(b) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes ; 

(c) damage caused by using the product out of the allowed or specified range limited by Powervision Oy, or use the incorrect voltage or power ; 

(d) damage caused by any of the personal service made without Powervision Oy authorization. 

This limited warranty does not cover software, user data recovery or reinstall.
Any Powervision Oy dealers, agents, or employees have no right to make any change , extension, or increase to this limited warranty. If any clause is determined to be illegal or unable to perform, it should not affect or weaken the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.